Why use Biogenie?

How Biogenie can save you money, ensure compliance and fulfil your environmental obligations


By using Biogenie’s  soil treatment services you will benefit from:

  • Full compliance and traceability guaranteed;
  • Flexible and efficient response within 24 hours;
  • Same day material authorisation;
  • Suitable for a wide range of hazardous soils including Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC); (links for landfill disposal)
  • Sustainable diversion from landfill.

Cost Effective:

  • No WAC testing required;
  • Huge cost savings – No landfill tax is applicable as material is recovered for beneficial re-use;
  • Discounted prices for large volumes.

Permanent :

  • Destruction of contaminants;
  • Total elimination of any future environmental liability;
  • Guaranteed treatment efficiency;
  • Upon request, we can issue certification of treatment and diversion from landfill void
  • Our Soil Treatment Facilities (STFs) are fully permitted and approved by the Environment Agency.


One of our expert team will be happy to talk you through our processes, and what using our services will do for you and your company – call us now on  01189 167340 to arrange a site visit or email sales@biogenie.co.uk