Westmill Soil Treatment Facility

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At this facility we are able to accept and treat the categories of materials and contaminants listed below:

01 – Wastes resulting from exploration, mining, quarrying and physical and chemical treatment of minerals

05 – Wastes from petroleum refineries, natural gas purification and pyrolytic treatment of coal

13 – Oil wastes and wastes of liquid fuels (except edible oils, and those in chapters 05, 12 and 19)

16 – Waste not otherwise specified in the list

17 – Construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites)

19 – Wastes from waste management facilities, off-site waste water treatment plants and the preparation of water intended for human consumption and water for industrial use

20 – Municipal wastes (household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes) including separately collected fractions. Includes 200303 gully and sweeping wastes.


Westmill Soil Treatment Facility
Westmill Rd.,
SG12 0ES

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Georgia Thomson:

tel: 07967 364874

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