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WM3 revised waste classification guidance

As from 1st July, (originally set for 1st June but delayed after consultations) the revised WM3 guidance came into force, significantly changing the way waste is classified and assessed and therefore having an effect on material received at our treatment facilities.

This is a result of several changes to the law.

The changes include:

  • amendments to the List of Waste (or European Waste Catalogue)
  • a major revision of hazardous properties, and
  • the adoption of the a new system of chemical classification


Due to the changes set out in WM3, our current technical guidance will also have to change to align with the new legislation. The main the points you need to know to be able to send material to our facilities from now on are set out below


  • The changes are mainly associated with the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP) (2008/1272/EC) which introduces a new system of chemical classification based on hazard classes, categories and statement codes.
  • The premises from where waste is removed must be registered as a hazardous waste producer
  • The site receiving the waste must have a suitable authorisation to receive that waste
  • The site receiving the waste must send quarterly consignee returns for hazardous waste to the relevant regulating agency and waste producer
  • Hazardous codes have now changed i.e. H7 Carcinogenic is now HP7 (Hazardous Property)
  • BaP remains the marker compound for unknown oils
  • As much site history and background on the process giving rise to the waste must be passed on to Biogenie

If you have any questions regarding the new guidance then please contact our team on 0118 9167340.