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Road building investment of £15bn promised by Government

The government has announced plans to invest £15bn in road building over the next few years. The plans have been described as a “roads revolution” by government ministers and have been published for the first time as the Road Investment Strategy.
Announcing the plan, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said roads were “key to our nation’s prosperity” and had suffered from under-investment for too long. He also said “Today I am setting out the biggest, boldest and most far-reaching roads programme for decades. It will dramatically improve our road network and unlock Britain’s economic potential,”

Read more about the regional highlights of the plan here….
Among the 1300 new miles of extra lanes and new roads planned, the regional highlights are:
• South West: £2bn converting the A303 and A358 to dual carriageway which will incorporate a tunnel under the Stonehenge world heritage site.
• North East: £290m converting the A1 to dual carriageway for the entire route from London to Ellingham near the Scottish Border.
• North West and Yorkshire: Completion of the smart motorway scheme on the M62 from Manchester to Leeds
• North West: Improved links into the Port of Liverpool
• South East: £350m of improvements to the A27
• East: £300m to upgrade the east-west connection to Norfolk, changing sections of the A47 to dual carriageway plus improvement to the A1 andAM11
• London and South East: Improving one-third of the junctions on the M25
• Midlands: Improving the M42 to the east of Birmingham

It is hoped that the project will further bolster the UKs construction industry recovery creating jobs across the country and stimulating growth in other areas of construction.