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New WM2 waste guidance update – Effective from 1st September 2013

The Environment Agency have now published an updated  new version of WM2 (3rd Edition 2013). The updated guidance includes several significant changes for the definition and classification of hazardous waste.  This updated guidance will significantly affect the classification of contaminated soils originating from development projects.

For a full explanation of what these regulations mean to you, please give us a call on 01189 167340 and we will be more than happy to discuss the implications of these changes with you.  A short summary of the changes is provided below.

This updated guidance provides:

  • an updated assessment framework – including the use of a more stringent carcinogenic marker for waste containing oils than applied in the previous guidance (HWR08)
  • revised guidance on the List of Wastes, with supporting examples for key waste streams
  • updated advice on data sources and use of safety data sheets
  • more concise information on assessment of hazardous properties (Appendix C), with updated methodology for H4/H8 Irritant/Corrosive
  • a separate supplement on waste sampling (Appendix D)

The guidance will be applied from the 1 September 2013 with the following notes:

  • The procedure detailed in Appendix A on waste oils and oil contaminated waste, packaging waste and contents (Examples 3 and 10) will applied before the 1 January 2014. This supersedes and replaces the Environment Agency’s HWR08 guidance.
  • Businesses that use the acid/alkali reserve test for H4 Irritant and H8 Corrosive need to have confirmed its suitability for their waste using the alternative tests given in Appendix C4 no later than 1 January 2015.
  • Appendix D, ‘Waste Sampling’ is recommended practice based on the standard rather than legislation. Classifying a waste correctly is a legal requirement that helps ensure that the waste is managed appropriately.
  • The Environment Agency expects businesses to be able to demonstrate that any waste classifications based on sample results are reliable. These are the criteria that they will use to assess this.

Copies of the guidance and associated appendices can be downloaded from the Environment Agency website, the link for which is below.