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New Soil Treatment Facilities for the UK

The new Soil treatment facility in Leeds is now operational. The facility is based on Biffa’s Skelton Grange Landfill site, easily accessible from the M1 at J45 and will fulfil the region’s need for a compliant, landfill tax free, disposal option for contaminated soils and other material. To find out more about the new site and access downloadable information sheets, visit our locations page here:
Our site at Risley, the first of it’s kind in the UK, is now closed after being open since 2005. In that time, we have treated well over 100,000 tonnes of material that has been beneficially reused as restoration soils for the adjacent landfill site. Our site at Meece is well positioned to accept material from the North West, as is our Skelton Grange facility.
There are several new sites in the pipeline in the coming months, including Cottonmount, near Belfast to serve Northern Ireland, and Westmill to the North of London in Hertfordshire. As well as these two sites, EnGLobe is looking at several other potential STFs around the UK which will also incorporate new technologies currently being developed both in the UK and Canada, making our Soil treatment facilities more efficient and cost effective than ever.