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Illegal soils operation uncovered by the EA

An extensive illegal waste operation which received thousands of tonnes of waste soils and other construction waste has been subject to investigation and subsequent prosecution, being fined a total of £125,000 under the proceeds of crime act.

The site owner and operator was also convicted and ordered to pay £25,000 in fines for two offences as well as being ordered to pay the Environment Agency £75,000 costs.

The operation was found to be mixing 20,000t of power station ash with lime and water for tipping into lagoons with thousands of tonnes of waste soils on the site at Baston Fen near Peterborough

There were also thousands of tonnes of concrete, bricks and soil brought into the site to build a caravan park and the associated access roads. In addition to this, more construction and demolition waste along with excavated soils was dumped around the site.

This case illustrates the importance of a visible audit trail for waste soils and other materials and the need to ensure your materials end up at properly licenced disposal and treatment facilities.  If traced back to the producers of the wastes, they will be found to be in breach of their duty of care obligations and could face heavy fines – not to mention a raft of negative publicity.

The Environment Agency are keen to eradicate these illegal dump sites and ensure all treatment and disposal facilities adhere to legislation.

Environment officer David Hutchinson stated; “Illegal waste operators undercut legitimate business and lead to an increase in environmental crime,”