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Government to tackle waste crime

The government published a report recently on environmental crime sentencing.  They are taking a “keen interest” in tacking waste crime and want to ensure that courts become tougher on both individuals and companies who continue to carry out fly-tipping, dumping of hazardous waste and breaching abatement notices.  They are working together with DEFRA and the Environment Agency who intend to publish a joint statement regarding this in the autumn – so watch this space.

The EA delivered a presentation outlining their new approach to Waste Crime Prevention at the recent London, Southern & Eastern Regional Meeting  of the ESA . The new approach is aiming to crack down on illegal practices and a 24 hour incident hotline has been set up, so if you know of any activity of this sort you can call 0800 80 70 60 any time.

In order for the UK to meet the forthcoming Landfill Directive Targets, more ways need to be found to tackle waste.  Biogenie is dedicated in diverting the amount of waste being sent to landfill and can offer a compliant and fully traceable service helping you to reduce your costs and at the same time helping the environment.  There are a network of facilities across the UK – Risley, Meece and Redhill where you can dispose your soil safely.

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