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Biogénie and Biffa Announce Extension of Redhill Soil Treatment Facility

Biogénie, along with their strategic partner Biffa, are delighted to announce the expansion of their soil and sludge treatment facility at Redhill in Surrey. Demand for further facilities in the South East to accept contaminated soils and sludges has increased. Due to the removal of landfill tax exemptions earlier this year, customers had to find an alternative to paying the costly landfill tax. Consequently, Biogenie and Biffa implemented the expansion which has increased the treatment capacity at the site by 100% and now allows customers to dispose of their contaminated soil, without being liable for landfill tax, which currently stands at £64 per tonne.

 Contaminated soils are sent to the Redhill facility for treatment to allow for the recovery and beneficial re-use of the soils. By using this method, the recovery and re-use of contaminated soils negates the application of landfill tax. The facility is also able to accept a wider range of wastes than those permitted to landfill, enabling customers to rely on a robust and cost effective alternative to landfill.

 Since opening the Redhill facility in January 2011, Biogénie set their standards from the start to ensure customers received a quotation within 24 hours and that the facility was permitted to accept a wide range of wastes that could be sustainably re-used, whilst also providing an economical solution. The abolition of landfill tax exemptions in April 2012 has accelerated the need for organisations disposing of soil to find economic alternatives to landfill.

 Jon Owens, “Biogenie Director comments: “we have been working with Biffa for the last eight years and this investment is the latest development in our strategy with Biffa to provide the UK construction market with a network of local soil treatment facilities. Customers want to continue to successfully developing brownfield sites and disposing of wastes and require a simple, cost effective and sustainable alternative to landfill. We provide such a solution!”

 To celebrate the opening of the extension of the Redhill site, Biogenie and Biffa are hosting opening events on 18 and 19 September 2012, which includes a seminar, site visit and buffet lunch.

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