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Beat the landfill tax increase – our facilities are landfill tax free and fully compliant!

As set out in the government strategy, landfill tax is set to increase as from the 1st April this year. The difference in the increase this year is that rather than an across the board rise of £8 it is increasing in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI). This will make the higher rate of tax £82.50 per tonne and the lower rate £2.60 per tonne.


So, are you looking for a compliant, cost effective and sustainable route for the off site treatment of your hazardous soils and other materials?


Our facilities are able to treat a wide range of materials and contaminants, classified, by WAC testing, as hazardous. Following treatment these materials are re-used beneficially for restoration and landscaping, rather than unsustainable and costly disposal to landfill void. Our process is exempt from landfill tax, delivering significant cost savings as well as a sustainable, fully compliant option to our clients.

These facilities enable us to offer our clients another cost and risk management tool, the off-site treatment of their hazardous soils and wastes across the uk.


We provide:

  • Landfill tax free treatment and disposal of hazardous material
  • 24 hour quote response time
  • Fully compliant and licenced sites
  • Complete, easy to follow audit trail
  • Sustainable diversion from landfill void
  • Discounted prices for large volumes



Our soil treatment facilities are operated as a joint venture with Biffa waste services, the leading nationwide integrated waste management business providing collection, treatment, recycling and technologically-driven energy generation services.


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