Consigning your material

Once you have signed to accept our proposal and have received an authorization number, you can ship your contaminated soil by following the steps below:


1.Contact the Soil Treatment Facility (STF) Sales Manager initially to book loads in prior to disposal at our facility. They will put you in touch with an operative on site.



2. Complete consignment notes (three copies required). If you do not have consignment notes, download this file: hazardous waste consignment notes.


3. Provide the carrier and consignee consignment notes to the driver (to be handed in at the STF).
All trucks are weighed when entering and leaving the soil treatment facility and a copy of the completed consignment note and weighbridge ticket will be given to the driver.


4. Please inform the STF Manager if you need a daily report of soil inputs and this will be sent after the weighbridge has closed for the day.